Travelogues from Svalbard


Halfway between the arctic circle of Norway and the North Pole lie some beautiful islands which I've visited every year since 1996. The following are the stories of these trips (richly illustrated with photographs), sorted by the year:


The archipelago
of Svalbard

2000: Navigation to Spitsbergen

A story in six parts on my trip on board the Havsul of Tromsø across the Barents Sea to the fjords of Spitsbergen, where we experienced the beautiful scenery, as well as some difficulties.
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Posted 13th November 2000

1999: Awaiting the returning sun

I saw the first sunbeams of the year reach Longyearbyen on 8th March. That day the children gather at a certain place in the town where the sun can be seen for the first time in five months. Then the weeklong sun festival begins.
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Posted 20th March 1999

Returning sun
1998: Arctic dawn

I went to Longyearbyen 11th February. The darkness still held the town, but every day the sun rose a little bit closer to the horizon. Then, finally, on the last day of my stay, the first sunbeams touched the peaks of the surrounding mountains.
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Posted 26th February 1998

Arctic dawn
1997: Navigation to Bear Island

I went on a voyage to Spitsbergen this summer. However, after many difficulties, we landed at Bear Island, and we decided to abandon our planned destination and to return to Norway from here.
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Posted 7th August 1997

Bear Island
1996: Polar midnight

I went on my first trip to Spitsbergen in December. I saw a wonderful land and great darkness, as the sun is as much as 12° below the horizon at noon in the midwinter. I also got to feel the icy gales of the arctic.
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Posted 21st April 1997

Arctic midnight

Steinar Midtskogen